Towelroot APK Download (Latest Version) – Towel Root App v5, v6

It’s long been known that certain evil carriers want to prevent you from rooting your Android device, and a certain popular OEM tends to let those evil carriers do whatever they’d like. Yeah, I’m talking about you Samsung. AT&T and Verizon’s Samsung devices are often unrootable because of locked bootloaders, and any exploits that are discovered frequently get patched with new updates. My AT&T Galaxy Note 3 has been unrootable since its Android 4.4 update.


Luckily, Geohot has come to the rescue. The famous hacker who created iPhone jailbreaks and hacked the PS3 has come out with a new tool that can root almost any Samsung device, and best of all

towelroot note 3

it won’t trip KNOX. It’s quite an amazing discovery. It also works with any device with a kernel built before June 3rd, though Motorola and HTC devices need not apply due to /system being write protected.


I just tested it on my AT&T Galaxy Note 3, and it’s now successfully rooted! I’m very excited to start tinkering with the device because it means that I can finally have some nice tweaks. If you want to try it for yourself, head to the source link and download the APK. It’ll show as a virus (obviously), but you can ignore that. Will you be giving Towelroot a try? Leave a comment!



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